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At Cleebo Casino, it’s the dealers who make it the gaming experience that it is. Our dealers have a wide range of personalities, backgrounds and interests. Learn more about any of our dealers by clicking on their bio.All of our dealers are fully trained, professional dealers, trained to the same high standards as you’d expect to find in any Vegas casino.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Alejandra


My name is Alejandra, I was born and raised in the fabulous city of Las Vegas. I’ve lived and traveled to many places but there is no place like the city of lights. Where else can you get pizza at 4am? I love all the great opportunities I’ve been afforded here.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Alejandro


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After being a competitive soccer player and piano student during my childhood, I started dancing salsa at the age of 16, to see if it would help me overcome my shyness.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Alexis


Born and raised in Vegas, I attended the prestigious Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts. Being a lifelong dancer, I enjoy tap, ballet, and contemporary dance, and am particularly fond of developing my own choreography.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Brittany


Hey y’all. I’m Brittany – A tomboy turned beauty queen, a small town girl from called Clifton Forge, VA, now living under the bright lights of Las Vegas. A former track and field athlete at James Madison University, my BBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management brought me to Las Vegas to manage 5 star hotels, but soon, I found that I was destined for many other things.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Carli


Hello! I’m Carli, I was born and raised in Florida, then spent several years in California and now I call Las Vegas home.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Charlie


Hello from Cleebo’s British Blonde!

I’m a singer, burlesque performer and model and I made my way to Las Vegas via the sparkly underbelly of London’s Cabaret scene.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Christie

Christie Jay

What’s up everyone, my name is Christie Jay. I was born in Los Angeles but have lived in Vegas for over 17 years! I am an entertainment journalist and internationally published tattoo model. I’m also an avid comic book collector and owner of the entire collection of Harley Quinn comics.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Dahlia


My friends would describe me as half glamour queen, half artsy dork, and just the right amount of wrong.

I’ve worn a lot of hats from starting out as a freelance makeup artist, to a talk show personality on the radio, and moving on to on-camera hosting. I think it’s important to always be moving, never be afraid to try something new, and have fun with it!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Eli


Eli Zamora is a singer, songwriter and pianist from El Paso, Texas. Half of my childhood was lived in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico growing up in a binational culture.
In order to follow my dreams, I decided to move to Boston to study at the prestigious university Berklee College of Music. That experience allowed me to receive a scholarship in a student exchange program in Spain.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Heath


Hi! My name is Heath. I’m Tennessee born, Florida bred, and now living life in Las Vegas. Having started singing when I was young, I’ve done shows at Universal Studios Orlando and all over the world as part of an a cappella group called MO5AIC.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Inez


Hola! I’m Inez, long-time Las Vegas resident by way of Mexico City. I’ve traveled the world singing and performing on stage, but love living in Las Vegas for all it has to offer.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Isake


Aloha from Las Vegas! My name is Isake, the giant nerd of the group. I love television, movies, video games, and trivia surrounding those topics. If you join my table, ask for a trivia session on top of the game, and you shall receive.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Jackie


Hello everyone! My name is Jackie Ibarra. I am originally from Los Angeles, California and I am currently living in Las Vegas! I have recently been on two different reality TV shows. I was on Big Brother, season 17, and The Amazing Race, season 26.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Jacky


Hi guys, I’m Jacky G. I’ve moved 13 times around the country and my final stop was Las Vegas. I’ve been here 9 years now and I love every bit of it!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Jade


Just like the green Jade amulet by the same name, I will bring you luck on the social casino tables!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer JT


Having been extremely lucky travel all over and live in some of the greatest cities in the world – New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong – I always find myself coming back to Las Vegas.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Katie


I am a professional dancer and actress living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fifty percent Puerto Rican (Thanks, Mom!), I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I studied classical ballet for years and went to The Ailey School in New York City.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Lejon


Vegas has a great mix of cultures and people that you get to meet and share experiences with, which is – in part – why I left my hometown of Detroit for ‘Sin City.’ Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the women are gorgeous as well!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie

Being in front of a crowd really makes me feel alive. I loved competing in gymnastics and diving, but I grew up in beautiful Southern California, so when I wasn’t at practice for gymnastics or springboard diving, I was outside laying under a tree (since my family lived on beautiful rolling hills). That’s where it all began!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Liz


Hey I am Liz. I am a California girl, but after traveling all over the world as a dancer on cruise ships, I have decided Vegas is the place for me!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer LLoyd


Hey y’all! Lloyd here, coming to you from the great state of Mississippi. Born into the military, I moved around quite a bit and have experienced many places. Nerd, competitor, and athlete are a few of the words that best describe me. Give me a board game or Tough Mudder and I’m good to go!

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Louis


Hey everyone!!! I’m Louis! From coast to coast, I have been singing, acting, dancing and modeling since the age of 8 years old.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Raquel


Equal parts glamour, nerdiness, and rock n’ roll. Put them all together in a cauldron under the full moon, just add coffee, and a Raquel will rise from the depths! (But don’t try this at home.)

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Spirit


Gary, IN is my hometown where I was born and raised. Music is a huge driving force in my life. Dolce & Gabbana is my favorite fashion house. Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider were some of the best video games ever. “Hala Madrid!” Yes I loved the Spices Girls and I really like thumb rings :).

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Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Wai


I am an aerial artist & fitness model from Asia. I was born in Myanmar, raised in Singapore and now call America home.

Cleebo Casino Live Dealer Willow Branch

Willow Branch

Hey y’all! It’s Willow Branch! I was made in sweet home Alabama with Filipino parts.

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