Spending a holiday in the desert is more enticing than you think. Sin City turns a brighter, more cheerful red when Christmas comes around. Here are some of the Cleebo live dealers’ favorite things to do around town this time of year.


The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan

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What better way to experience Christmas in the arid town of Las Vegas than to spend it skating around to your heart’s delight on ice? 4,200 square feet of real ice are yours to frolic upon as you enjoy, at eye level, the hot air balloon sculpture at The Paris, Las Vegas. Stay warm by enjoying a delicious festive cocktail, such as the Cosmopolitan’s spiked egg nog, while sitting next to a toasty fire pit.  Check the latest hours and prices at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas website.


Ice Hockey at City National Arena

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Just to turn non-locals on their heads a bit more, it seems our amazing live dealers enjoy emphasizing the chilliness that does roll through Las Vegas every winter. Chris recommends partaking in a game of ice hockey at the local home of the Vegas Golden Knights. Located on the west side of town in Summerlin, it’s worth the trek from the Strip to at least check out a Golden Knights practice or participate in a public “stick and puck” session. The City National Arena Las Vegas website has hours and location.


Christmas Tree at The Venetian

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If we know anything about Heath, it’s that he’s a man who enjoys culture and food. The Venetian offers both all year round, plus they place a giant, glimmering Christmas tree outside as an added bonus. If you want a mix of the holiday spirit and arts, entertainment, & food, this is his recommended spot. Don’t miss out on the Grand Canal Shoppes, either. Visit the Venetian website for more.


Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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The Motor Speedway, just north of Las Vegas, lights up in a rather extraordinary manner for the entrance of winter. The Glittering Lights live up to their name. Inez recommends opting for the hot cocoa for the full-blown deal on the way in. Check out their website for more information.

Magical Forest

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Another favorite is the Magical Forest, which directly supports (and is operated by) “Las Vegas’ favorite charity,” Opportunity Village. For many locals, this is an annual tradition and truly wondrous experience for all. Aside from the bounty of decorations, there’s also great food and entertainment to enjoy. Check out the hours and location here.

Mount Charleston Lodge

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Lovely live dealer Inez makes her way up here on at least one frosty morning in December. And with the perfect combination of rum french toast, a joyfully crackling fireplace, and incredible snow-laced view, who could blame her? Take a peek at their website to figure out the best way and time to get there.


Bellagio Gardens

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Liz always finds time to explore the local winter wonderland that the Bellagio Gardens transform into. Everywhere you turn, there’s something different and magnificent to gaze at in awe. Find out more about their holiday glamour on the Bellagio website.

Do you have any special holiday tradition in your family? What is your favorite thing to do around town? We wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and overall magic winter season ahead.

Just for fun, here’s a holiday throwback, via the Mob Museum.

Santa made a special trip to greet the visitors to Las Vegas in front of the Frontier Hotel. Circa 1970.