It’s incredible to see how Cleebo Casino and the community has grown in such a short amount of time. Part of incorporating the community into the game more and more is receiving the feedback from you, our valued players, taking heed to your suggestions and implementing them where possible.

Based mostly on player communications with our Guest Services and Marketing teams, we’ve recently made updates to create a more efficient chat system, improve functionality of eGames, added Classic Slot games, and more.

Overnight, we introduced a handful of new updates to the app that we hope will improve your gaming experience, including the Gifting feature between players. As of late, the use of such features as Friends and Gifting has become a path to simply obtaining more chips, rather than making meaningful and enjoyable connections that would enhance the game and the community.

The intent of the social features is to build a community of players who enjoy playing casino games together as a form of entertainment. We are making changes to ensure more meaningful in-game connections, which will contribute to the long-term strength of our community, and also allow us to focus more on special features and promotions to come.

VIP Room Access:

Up until yesterday, only Diamond-level (and above) players could gain access to the VIP rooms on the live dealer games tables. Now, anyone who is at ‘Platinum’ or above can access the VIP rooms. Awesome! Now you have access to higher betting limits and the Full HD video stream of the games. See you there?

Gifting changes:

We acknowledge that this may  be a hard hit for some players. As you progress in rank, you’ll find that the changes work to your advantage.

Gift Increments Move Up As You Move Up

The gift amount you send is determined by your player rank. Therefore, the chip value of the gift you receive from your friends is based upon their own player rank. These increase as you and your friends move up in rank, and you’ll be able to send them to all of your friends once in a 24 hour period.

Gift Inbox Expands In Size As You Rank Up

The daily amount of gifts that you can hold in your gifting inbox rises as you continue to move up in rank. While the beta-only feature of ‘gift back’ in line with ‘collect’ won’t be moving forward with this update, you’ll be able to redeem gifts as frequently as they are sent.

Your Gift From Cleebo Increases The More You Play

After spreading the Cleebo love and sending a ‘mass gift’ of chips to your pals once every 24 hours, the gift that you receive from us in return will only get higher in value as you level up.

There are also a few in-game experiences we’ve tuned up that you may notice while playing at Cleebo …

Additional Updates:

Taking a Chance on 17+

In an effort to stress a fair and positive gaming environment, those who choose to take higher risks on Cleebo 21 will be asked to bet the table maximum when hitting on a hard 17 or higher. If they select the option to double-down on a hard 17 or higher, their initial bet on that seat will increase to the table maximum, and they will be doubling down on that table max bet as well. Of course, that risk may also pay off, in which case you’ll get a comparable chip payout. If you’re one of those risk-takers, you will be asked to confirm your hit, to help avoid any issues with a misclick.

Cleebo Millionaires

For those joining the Cleebo Millionaire club, you’ll now see a fun animation flare when you reach a balance of 1,000,000 Cleebo chips to help celebrate the milestone. If you’ve already got 1m or more in chips, you may see the flare anyway as you win. Woohoo!

Each and every day we welcome more players to our growing Cleebo Community. We’re so happy to have you! As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to our Guest Services team at any time.