A trifecta ain’t really a trifecta unless it’s on Baccarat. This game of choice for the world’s elite is also a real chip-maker for players at Cleebo. Let’s take a look at some of the best hands we’ve seen:


Baccarat is a fun, quick-moving game where you have options to bet on one or all of five different spots (Banker side, Player side, Banker Pair, Player Pair, and Tie). Place your bet and let the dealer do all of the hard work … this is a true game of luck!

What’s a Trifecta in Baccarat? It’s when a pair is dealt out to both the Banker side and the Player side, in which the totals of both tied each other! Is there any better reason for a celebration on the world’s favorite VIP game?

Jade’s Cool Baccarat Tie

Jade shares the trifecta love with a winning hand on Baccarat. To boot, the Banker and Player side each share the same value cards. Wow!!

Jen’s Rockin’ Trifecta

Our resident rocker chick, Jennifer, takes a moment to revel in a well dealt hand of Baccarat, making an awesome trifecta for what was the second time in a 10 minute period!

Isake’s Four of a Kind Trifecta

Isake deals out a trifecta consisting of four 3s. Now if only there were a game combining Baccarat with Poker, then we’d really be in on the chips!

Christie Jay’s Classic Trifecta

Sometimes, it takes a third card for each side to total a trifecta in Baccarat, but when it happens, that classic fantastic win is all you need to make your day.

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See you at the tables. Let’s Casino!

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